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The romanesque church

The church was built before the 11th century, on an antique place of worship. The apses are decorated with antique arches inspired by the Classical art.
It also houses beautiful artistic works such from the 17th and 18th centuries.
The Church is very involved in local traditions: the Saint Eloi mass and the “Pastrage” ceremony held during the Christmas mass are celebrated here.


Le Grand Portail 'Big gate)

The big gate is the symbol of the Middle Ages. It was the main entrance to the West side of the village.

Its upper part was also used as Town Hall and a school. Its lower part was used as town dungeon for tramps, thieves, beggars and other riotous people.


La Roubine du village (the little irrigation canal)

The little irrigation canal was an integral part of the history of Graveson. It a trace of the Middle Ages ditch which was used as a defence system for the town.

This haven of peace punctuated the life of the inhabitants and still gives a certain rhythm to the village, witness of the past centuries and opens on the future.


Via Agrippa

Poste électrique de la Montagnette-
Route D570N



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