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> The procession of floats of Graveson


Since the last few years, the procession of floats of Graveson has taken on a more popular aspect than the other carnivals of the region.

These floats have nothing to see with folklore. The inhabitants take an active part in preparing the procession: many people group together to make a float during the whole year. They try to find a topical theme. Associations, groups of friends, events committee, Town Maintenance Department: the whole village lends a hand to present a beautiful carnival to the public.

Since several years, the procession of floats attracts 4000 visitors A great number of visitors coming from the whole region rush in the village streets. They love the atmosphere of the event.

Besides the procession, there are other highlights on the two weekends during which the festival is held.

During the first weekend, visitors can see the arrival of His Majesty “Caramentran” (a jumping jack symbolizing the carnival) and the “Aubade des Mois” (the Months Serenade: a very nice tribute to the past year and to the poets with songs and costumes).

On the second weekend, the other highlight is the “Jugement du Caramentran” (mock trial during which the jumping jack is burnt).


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